Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some brief diversions from your already-frivolous activities

Sports are fun to watch.  Not just talk about.  So, here are some things for you to watch:

Exhibit A:

Marlins/Braves, Monday night:  The Marlins are in an overshift for Brian McCann, and a ground ball goes through two different players' legs!  What in the name of Bill Buckner is going on?

Exhibit B:

Bears/Packers, Monday night: This is why you don't turn Devin Hester into a wide receiver.  Just let him do this.

Exhibit C:

University of Florida/University of Kentucky, Saturday:  Freshman "quarterback" Trey Burton scores 6 touchdowns in the game, and makes people go all Tim Tebow on him.  Remember, people: TIM TEBOW BAPTIZED CHILDREN IN THIRD-WORLD COUNTRIES OVER HIS SUMMER VACATION.  Tim Tebow wasn't the absurdly unnecessarily hyped player he was just because he put points on the board.  Chill out.

Here's a couple videos that aren't recent, but are still awesome.

Bonus #1: We're in the last week of the MLB regular season, and we still haven't seen a play better than this one on opening day:

Bonus #2:  This is just flat-out awesome.

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