Friday, October 1, 2010

Frameshmania Week 4 Preview!

So we're three weeks into the NFL season, and here's where the Frameshmania league stands going into Week 4:

3-0 Sabotage the League
2-1 Gym Tan Laundry
2-1 Ease it In, Don't Forsett
2-1 J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets
1-2 Salt Lake City Big Tymers (Me)
0-3 DelCo's Sidearm Stud
0-3 Hometown Mamas

Last year's early-season leaders, which included Sabotage the League, fell off in the middle of the season, so it will be interesting to see if Phil can keep it up this time around.  The next two games for my team (v. JETS and Ease it In) will be big in determining if I can make a run this year, and so far it's not looking good.

After seeing the way the first three games have shaken out, I think that the favorites this year have to be Gym Tan Laundry, Ease it In, and Sabotage the League (if he can get anything out of Ray Rice).  They are the top-scoring teams thus far, and have strong quarterback and tight end play week-in and week-out.  If I had to pick one of the bottom two teams to make a run, I would probably pick Hometown Mamas, simply because I expect Beanie Wells and Brent Celek to put up some better performances sometime soon.

Last week, I had very solid performances from a lot of my team, but another injury-plagued week (Andre Johnson and Shiancoe going down mid-game) and running into a buzzsaw (every one of Jon-Michael's players was in double digits, and Peyton Hillis went off) brought me down hard, 141-102.

This week is the first week of byes, and my friend Matt is my opponent, who is not a homer at all with his J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.

Last week's roster:

QB Tony Romo
RB1 Michael Turner
RB2 Cedric Benson
RB6 Arian Foster
WR1 Andre Johnson
WR2 Greg Jennings
TE Visanthe Shiancoe
D/ST Steelers
K Mason Crosby

RB3 Jamaal Charles
RB8 Jason Snelling
D/ST 49ers
RB7 Ahmad Bradshaw
WR3 Dwayne Bowe
WR4 Mike Wallace
WR5 Malcom Floyd
Bye week players this week:
Romo, Shiancoe, Charles, Bowe

Roster Moves:
Dropped Snelling for Zach Miller
Dropped 49ers D for Saints D
Dropped Steelers D for Jay Cutler

Michael Turner carried the load last week, so I'm not so worried about the groin injury that caused me to pick up Snelling.  I needed a replacement for Shiancoe, so back comes Zach Miller.  I'm still debating between him, Aaron Hernandez, and John Carlson, but I think I will stick with Miller against the Texans.  The 49ers D has been terrible, which is sad since I had them as a sleeper.  The Saints play the most fantasy-point-generous offense in the Panthers this week, so I figured I could jump on board.  Needing a replacement for Romo, I dropped the Steelers D (and instantly regretted it) for Cutler, who seems to be avoiding the turnover bug much better this year.  I may switch him out for Chad Henne or Kyle Orton, though.

Lineup changes:
Miller (v. Texans) in for Shiancoe (BYE)
Saints D (v. Panthers) in for Steelers D (v. Ravens)
Floyd (v. Cardinals) in for Johnson (v. Raiders)
Cutler (v. Giants) in for Romo (BYE)

Had to replace Shiancoe and Romo, so that was obvious.  Saints are playing a much worse team than the Steelers, and I don't mind playing week-to-week matchups with defenses so much.  Andre Johnson has been hobbling the last couple weeks and even if he plays, he's lining up against Nnamdi Asomugha, who has historically shut him down.  I really hope the Texans just decide to let him rest against a team they should beat anyway.

Yet again, I think I'm gonna get routed because of my untimely byes and the matchups that Matt has for his best players.  Here's this week's matchup:

Cutler (v. Giants) vs. Aaron Rodgers (v. Lions) -- Rodgers +6
Turner (v. 49ers) vs. Chris Johnson (v. Broncos) -- Johnson +4
Benson (v. Browns) vs. Lesean McCoy (v. Redskins) -- Push
Foster (v. Raiders) vs. Santana Moss (v. Eagles)  -- Foster +5
Floyd (v. Cardinals) vs. Reggie Wayne (v. Jaguars) -- Wayne +5
Jennings (v. Lions) vs. Chad Ochocinco (v. Browns) -- Push
Miller (v. Texans) vs. Tony Gonzalez (v. 49ers) -- Push
Saints D (v. Panthers) vs. Jets D (v. Bills) -- Jets +2
Crosby (v. Lions) vs. Adam Vinatieri (v. Jaguars)-- push

Verdict: Matt wins by 12, taking advantage of my byes and injuries as only he can.

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