Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 4, Gimme Some More

Weeks like this remind me why I love sports, for better or for worse.  

Two over-the-hill future-Hall-of-Famers left for dead last year (Terrell Owens and LaDainian Tomlinson) explode back onto our stat sheets with 200 yards receiving for one and 19 for 133 and 2 touchdowns for the other (I bet you can pick which stats belong to which guy).

The NFL's leading rusher mysteriously disappears for the first 20 minutes of his game, and still manages to rush for 131 and catch for 56 with two touchdowns.

A guy who, 18 months ago, was serving a jail sentence for dogfighting, is a likely MVP candidate leading his team against the local legend who mentored him.  One yard from the endzone, he gets hit in both shoulders simultaneously and is out for the game, absolutely killing all offensive momentum for his team.  Thanks for that one.

The Seahawks continue their peculiar disappearing act, getting dominated by the lowly Rams after beating the AFC-contending Chargers the week before, which was after getting drilled by the Broncos, which was after crushing the favorite in their division, the 49ers.  JUST PICK WHAT TEAM YOU WANT TO BE AND STICK WITH IT.

The Falcons start a drive at their own 8 yard line with 1:22 left in the game, and get almost to midfield, only to have Matt Ryan intercepted and returned back to their 10, except that Rowdy Roddy White strips the ball from the defender and the Falcons recover it again on their own 7.  Somehow, they manage to start ANOTHER drive, and kick the game-winning field goal with seconds left.  I have no idea how they had the time for that.  Especially since only one timeout was used by either team until the very end of the series, at which point 5 timeouts were called over the span of 4 plays.  That's a long, long 1:22.

And as I write this, I'm watching a game (Giants/Bears) in which the starting quarterback has been knocked out (so to speak) with a concussion, and has been replaced by Todd Collins, a 16-year pro who has started all of 20 games in his career (with 10 wins).  The combined passing statistics through almost three quarters for the Bears (after accounting for the 9 sacks): 9 for 12, -5 yards, 1 INT.  As a comedian I saw in Manhattan once said, "Do we have an offensive line?  Well it's offensive to me!"

Oh, and what's the deal with Kevin Kolb?  I thought we avoided Matt Leinart/Mark Sanchez-type quarterbacking.

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