Friday, October 8, 2010

Frameshmania Week 5 Preview!

The prospects for my team are looking up going into the bye weeks, especially since I was able to win my game last week without my starting QB.  Here's the standings after Week 4:

4-0 Sabotage the League
2-1-1 Gym Tan Laundry
2-1-1 Delco's Side-arm Stud
2-2 Salt Lake City Big Tymers 2-2 Ease it In, Don't Forsett
2-2 J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets
1-3 CodyRansom's Crew
0-4 Hometown Mamas

Yes, that's right, Sidearm Stud and Gym Tan Laundry (very buff team names, by the way) tied at 100 this past week.  GTL was up by 14 with Randy Moss against Tom Brady and Ronnie Brown.  Well, Moss threw up a donut, and despite Brady having a sub-par game, the lack of catches for Moss was really the reason for the tie.  Now Moss is on the Vikings, and I'm not really sure what that does for his value going forward.

This past week I got big-time performances from my replacement quarterback Kyle Orton (who I did end up swapping for Cutler-- great call there) and fantasy MVP Arian Foster (despite missing the first 20 minutes of the game due to disciplinary issues), beating the J-E-T-S 103-74 and moving back to .500.

This week I get my brother's friend Rich (Ease it In, Don't Forsett).  He started off strong, but injuries to Michael Vick, Pierre Thomas, and Darren McFadden may hurt him.  Hopefully the fact that byes aren't hitting me this week can propel me to victory.

Last week's roster:

QB2 Kyle Orton
RB1 Michael Turner
RB2 Cedric Benson
RB6 Arian Foster
WR5 Malcom Floyd
WR2 Greg Jennings
TE2 Zach Miller
D/ST Saints
K Mason Crosby

WR1 Andre Johnson
QB1 Tony Romo
TE3 Visanthe Shiancoe
RB7 Ahmad Bradshaw
WR3 Dwayne Bowe
WR4 Mike Wallace
RB3 Jamaal Charles

Bye week players this week:

Roster Moves:
Dropped Orton for Brandon Lloyd
Dropped Saints D for Bears D

Orton did his job very well last week, but now it's time for my starter to kick it into high gear.  Orton will still possibly be helping me out though, if Lloyd can keep up the pace that he's been playing at.  The Saints underperformed against the woeful Panthers, but I'm gonna get back up on that horse and go with Carolina's opponent this week, the much-better-defensively Bears.

Lineup changes:
Bears D (v. Panthers) in for Saints D (v. Cardinals)
Johnson (v. Giants) in for Floyd (v. Raiders)
Romo (v. Titans) in for Orton (v. Ravens)

Romo comes back in as my starter, and faces a Titans defensive backfield that has allowed an average of 360 yards through the air the last two weeks.  I'm going back to the Panthers well, especially since Steve Smith is likely to be out.  I also liked the prospects of putting in the Panthers (Bears without Cutler) or Saints again (new rookie starter).  Andre Johnson is still hobbling, but after sitting out last week I have to like his chances of suiting up.  I won't be attached to my computer this weekend, though, so I'm not sure how much I trust his ability to get through the game, and I may not be able to replace him if it's a game-time decision.

Finally, a matchup that looks good on paper.  But since I thought I was going to get routed last week, maybe this is a bad sign.  Let's take a look at the matchup:

Romo (v. Titans) vs. Matt Schaub (v. Giants) -- Romo +3
Turner (v. Browns) vs. Matt Forte (v. Panthers) -- Push
Benson (v. Bucs) vs. Pierre Thomas (v. Cardinals) -- Push
Foster (v. Giants) vs. Mike Tolbert (v. Raiders) (my guess) -- Foster +5
Johnson (v. Giants) vs. Miles Austin (v. Titans) -- Austin +5
Jennings (v. Redskins) vs. Austin Collie (v. Chiefs) -- Jennings +3
Miller (v. Chargers) vs. Dallas Clark (v. Chiefs) -- Clark +4
Bears D (v. Panthers) vs. Plug-in DEF(Steelers on bye) -- Bears +2
Crosby (v. Redskins) vs. Nate Kaeding (v. Raiders)-- push

Verdict: I win by 4, this time taking advantage of my opponent's byes and injuries.  It's sometimes better to be lucky than good...

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