Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 3, Stand by Me

So here I am on another quiet and lonely Sunday night, writing about the day that was in futbol.  Just as a personal aside before I look back at some of the things that caught my eye, here are some things I hate this week:

Midgame injuries to people on my fantasy team (you know who you are)
The Dallas Cowboys winning games
Whoever is responsible for the Rams killing me in Eliminator in Week 3
Mike Wallace: could've warned a guy
Eli Manning: you're terrible
Rex Grossman: you're irrelevant here, but I was discussing how much I dislike you earlier today

Ok, catharsis aside, here we go:

Anybody else think that there was a lot of passing going around this week?  9 guys had at least 35 pass attempts, 7 guys had at least 280 yards, and 7 guys had 3 touchdown passes (only two QB's did all three-- no surprise, Brees and Peyton Manning).  However, the top 3 passers this week in terms of yardage (Kyle Orton, Philip Rivers, and Eli Manning) combined for 3 touchdowns and 5 interceptions.  How does Orton throw 57 times for 476 yards and get ONE touchdown??  And Eli?  386 yards, no touchdowns, and 2 picks?  You're terrible.  Give the Giants their hundred million back.

THE CHIEFS ARE 3-0!  They beat (read: bludgeoned) the enigmatic 49ers 31-10 today, who are now 0-3 despite being the overwhelming favorites to win the NFC West to start the season.  And frankly, they could still win the division, considering how bad the entire division is.  Although...

The Seahawks beat the Chargers to move to 2-1?  Granted, they needed two kickoff-return touchdowns to do so, but if I told you Philip Rivers was going to throw for 450 yards against them, you would have thought that the Chargers would be putting up 35 and winning handily.  Kudos to Pete Carroll, I guess.  Although, their offense didn't really look that great, and the defense gave up 450 through the air, hence the 49ers having a chance.  And what's up with the Chargers?  You can't consider yourself a contender and lose to the Chiefs and Seahawks in two out of three weeks.

The Patriots' defense is turrible.  Repeat: turrible.  The Bills had scored 17 points and had 241 passing and 174 rushing yards total in the TWO games prior, and put up 30, 247, and 134 this week.  Would I be surprised if Brady puts up 45 touchdowns this year?  Not at all.  The defense is gonna give up 44.

The Steelers are on their FOURTH STRING QUARTERBACK, and are still 3-0.  Irony? Watch Big Ben come back to a 4-0 team and lose to the Browns in Week 6.

Why hello there, Darren McFadden.  What, did you redshirt your first two years in the league?  Well thank you for joining us, and finally showing something for that 4th overall pick.  See, the Raiders aren't THAT bad at finding talent.  Oh, right, Darrius Heyward-Bey: 7th overall pick, 14 career games, 19 catches, 250 yards, somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million earned thus far.  I'm not gonna start with Jamarcus.

Lastly comes the Eagles.  All I really have to say is that the defense looked A LOT better than last week, but so far they've beaten two teams that are definitely worse than them and lost to the team that is definitely better than them.  Can't say we've learned much.  Next week, though.... McNabb returns to Philly.  I think I'll open my window right before gametime, because I think I should be able to hear the crowd reacting to him stepping on that field.  Should be good.  And personally, I hope he beats us.  He got a raw deal from the start here, and it would only be appropriate for him to come back here and kick some ass.  But then he would have to let us return the favor in DC.  Just sayin.

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