Thursday, September 23, 2010

NFL Early Season "Things that are interesting"

So there's a few interesting stories that are developing in the NFL this year, and I just wanted to give my two cents about them:

Michael Vick replaces Kevin Kolb as Eagles starter
Picture this one for a moment:  After the Falcons defeated the Eagles in Week 1 of the 2005 season with Vick and McNabb both secure in their jobs and in their primes, the next time they would oppose each other would be in 2010, with Vick the one in the Eagles uniform.

Picture this one for a moment: Vick goes rampant for the rest of the season and the Eagles make a shocking trip to the playoffs, and meet another shocker, the Texans, in the Super Bowl.  Their opponent: Vick's backup in Atlanta, Matt Schaub.

Picture this one for a moment (or several): Vick has a pretty good year, becomes a free agent, and signs with the Raiders, who we know love speed.  Raiders release Jason Campbell, who signs as a backup in Philadelphia, and comes in for an injured Kolb (at the fault of the offensive line) in Week 2 of the 2011 season.  The jist of it?  McNabb moves Campbell out of Washington to Oakland, and is replaced in Philadelphia by Kevin Kolb, and later Michael Vick.  Vick then replaces Campbell in Oakland, who goes to Philly and (if only briefly) replaces Kolb.  Campbell leads the Eagles to the NFC Championship game against McNabb and the Redskins, and McNabb wins and defeats Vick and the Raiders in the Super Bowl.  5 then walks off into the sunset, Elway-style.

Speaking of Matt Schaub...
The Houston Texans are a legitimate AFC contender?
In their first 6 years of existence, the Texans finished better than last in their division once.  They finished 3rd.  David Carr, their "franchise quarterback" for most of that time, is the most frequently sacked quarterback (in terms of sacks per pass attempt) in NFL history.  Second on that list?  Michael Vick (see what I did there?).  They had beaten the Colts just once in their history, and now they have done it in Week 1 of this season (tiebreaker, anyone?).  The other perennial powers in the AFC, the Patriots, Chargers, and Steelers, have lost a lot of pieces recently and are in a state of flux.  Their running game looks to be vastly improved from last year, and the Texans' defense, while not particularly stout, has a lot of young talent in the front 7 that can make the plays necessary to win games.

Speaking of Mario Williams...
How about that 2006 draft class?
Reggie Bush: Can't run between the tackles or stay healthy-- Bust.
Vince Young: Psychological issues and multiple benchings show that he may not be cut out to be a starter in the NFL.
Vernon Davis: Didn't do anything until he got called out multiple times by a terrifying man in his coach Mike Singletary, and now he's a beast.  Maybe his metamorphosis will inspire someone like...
Matt Leinart : Given the keys to a potent offense multiple times, but seemed unwilling to put those playmakers into a position to make plays.  At least Reggie Bush is still, like, fast and stuff...
Marques Colston, Miles Austin:  Pick 252 and undrafted, respectively.  Just sayin'.

Speaking of Miles Austin...
The Cowboys are not going to the Super Bowl.
We've all heard the stats about 0-2 teams getting anywhere in the postseason: not looking good.  We've seen time after time the collapses of past Cowboys teams (Romo botching the field goal hold in the 2007 playoffs was one of the most satisfying sports moments I've seen that didn't involve a team I was rooting for).  The offense has looked ineffective in both the preseason and regular season, and the schedule isn't doing them any favors (remaining games against Texans, Vikings, Giants x2, Packers, Saints, Colts).  They're the Mets of the NFL; they just can't get it done, regardless of the players on the roster.

Speaking of teams that Mets fans root for...
New York Jets: Stop talking and play football.
Braylon Edwards' DWI arrest is just the latest example of the Jets players being overconfident in their abilities.  Yes, you beat the Patriots, but after their matchup against the Bills this week you'll get a better gauge of how bad their defense is this year.  Shonn Greene hasn't carried over his postseason success, and the tide's coming in a little too far on Revis Island.  You just better hope your bite is as fierce as your bark.

Speaking of dogs...
Michael Vick?  Really, Andy Reid?

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