Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 10, Do it Again

So Week 10 is almost in the books (although not even close to done for me, since the Eagles are playing tonight and I still have two big fantasy matchups in the balance), and there were a lot of interesting plays that went down yesterday, including some late-game heroics.  This time around, I think I'm going to use a multimedia approach, and point you in the direction of the video highlights of some of these games, because if a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth?

The really exciting game was the Texans/Jaguars affair, which included a missed field goal with under a minute left in a tie game followed by an unbelievable 50-yard hail mary that was batted down by the Texans only to be caught and brought into the endzone by Jaguars receiver Mike Thomas.  Here's a clip, just sit back and listen to Gus Johnson flip out.

On the totally opposite end of the nail-biter spectrum was the Broncos/Chiefs game in which Denver led 35-0 in the second quarter, but chillaxed for the rest of the game, eventually winning 49-29.  Tim Tebow both ran and threw for a touchdown, and Brandon Lloyd continued his resurgence, including this absurd toe-tapper.  Oh, and Dwayne Bowe continues to make me look good, putting up 13 catches, 186 yards, and two touchdowns in junk time.  In his last five games, he is averaging 6 receptions, 90.8 yards, and 1.6 touchdowns.  The rest of his career, he has averaged 4.5 receptions, 58.7 yards, and 0.36 touchdowns.

I don't know if any of you were aware, but Eli Manning is terrible.  OK, not this terrible, but certainly not worthy of a $100 million contract.  Exhibit A.  Exhibit B (yes, it's not until 3:45 in, but it's SAD).  Also, this game was made interesting by the fact that the lights in the stadium were freakin' out, man! (That one's a minute in)  Oh, and if you watch the rest of the highlight, you'll see some evidence that both Dez Bryant and Hakeem Nicks are impressive individuals.  Some serious young receiving talent in the NFC East... except for the Redskins (Joey Galloway *cough*).

The Jets became the first team in league history to win consecutive games on the road in overtime with a 37-yard touchdown pass with under 20 seconds left in overtime (yes, Donovan, it would have been a tie otherwise).  However, the fact that the Browns chose to try to take a shot downfield with under two minutes left in overtime FROM INSIDE THEIR OWN FIVE YARD LINE that allowed the clock to stop and the Jets to even get the ball in the first place was reeeeeeeally questionable.  And while Santonio Holmes made a great play, it was Jerricho Cotchery that made the most impressive play of the game (wait till 40 seconds in), making a diving catch immediately after injuring himself on the play.

Lastly, I don't have a video of this because I don't find the video very interesting, but the Dolphins managed to lose their TOP TWO starting quarterbacks FOR THE YEAR yesterday, and still won the game!  Two of the most talented receivers in the league, Randy Moss and Brandon Marshall, combined for 4 catches and 60 yards, further showing that, when it comes to receivers, you kinda need more than talent to do well.  Like a gameplan that needs you.

Just a little humor here.  Tom, how do you explain your facial hair situation while standing in front of a razor ad?

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