Friday, November 5, 2010

Frameshmania Week 9 Preview!

I know last week I said that in a 17-week season, we're sorta halfway.  Well, we're still sorta halfway.

7-1 Sabotage the League 
6-2 Salt Lake City Big Tymers 
4-3-1 Gym Tan Laundry
4-4 J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets
3-5 Ease it In, Don't Forsett 
3-5 CodyRansom's Crew
2-5-1 Delco's Side-arm Stud
2-6 Hometown Mamas

Sidearm Stud lost his fourth straight game last week, while Ease it In and CR Crew are starting to move back toward .500.  The top two teams are separating themselves, and their head-to-head match this week will ensure that one of them will really separate himself.

While Week 7 was a stressful experience, Week 8 was quite the opposite.  A matchup with the Mamas this year seems to be a welcome event, unlike in past years, as Drew Brees and Adam Vinatieri combined for 29 points, and the other seven players on her team scored 36 combined.  To add insult to injury, big performances by Jamaal Charles, the Rams D, and kicker Dan Carpenter allowed me to have a lead going into Monday Night Football, where Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and Pierre Garcon combined for 45 points to ice the victory, 123-65.

This week's matchup for the Big Tymers is certainly the game of the year thus far, as I face the only team ahead of me, Sabotage the League.  He has been riding Peyton Manning and Antonio Gates all year, and now has Knowshon Moreno and Marques Colston getting back into a rhythm.  Not only that, but his roster sports Manning, Gates, Ray Rice, and Dwayne Bowe, which is almost half of my roster in another league, in which I am in first place.  Conflict of interest?

 Last week's roster:

QB3 Ryan Fitzpatrick

RB2 Cedric Benson
RB6 Arian Foster
RB3 Jamaal Charles

WR1 Andre Johnson
WR2 Greg Jennings

TE2 Zach Miller
D/ST Rams
K Dan Carpenter

QB4 Michael Vick
WR7 Pierre Garcon
TE4 Owen Daniels
RB1 Michael Turner
WR6 Brandon Lloyd
WR4 Mike Wallace
RB7 Ahmad Bradshaw

Bye week players this week:

Roster Moves:
Dropped Rams D for Giants D
Dropped Fitzpatrick for Matthew Stafford

The Rams did me well, but their bye this week worked out fine for me, as I was able to pick up the Giants defense that has knocked out five quarterbacks this year, and faces a Seahawks team that, while they play well at home, is starting a quarterback that has never taken a regular season snap in the NFL.  Fitzpatrick's luster appears to have worn off, and so I added Stafford because of his favorable matchups in the next couple weeks, in case Vick is not performing at the level he was prior to his injury.

 Lineup changes:
Vick (v. Colts) in for Fitzpatrick (v. Bears)

Turner (v. Bucs) in for Benson (v. Steelers)
Jennings (v. Cowboys) in for Garcon (v. Eagles)
Giants D (v. Seahawks) in for Rams D (BYE)

Vick is back from injury and bye, and I think he should be able to consistently give me 15 points or more per week, and that's all I really could ask for from an emergency quarterback.  Turner returns from bye and faces a bad run defense, and Benson is averaging around 3 yards per carry and is facing the Steelers.  No thank you.  Jennings is getting to be a big part of the Packers' offense, and is facing a Cowboys team that is reeling (although I would certainly like Garcon here).  See above for the Giants D explanation.

The game of the year looks to be a close matchup that could be determined by the health of the tight ends involved, Miller and Gates.  Let's take a look:

Vick (v. Colts) vs. Peyton Manning (v. Eagles) -- Manning +4
Turner (v. Bucs) vs. Ray Rice (v. Dolphins) -- Turner +4
Foster (v. Chargers) vs. Beanie Wells (v. Vikings) -- Foster +4
Charles (v. Raiders) vs. Steve Smith North (v. Seahawks) -- Charles +5
Johnson (v. Chargers) vs. Marques Colston (v. Panthers) -- Johnson +3
Jennings (v. Cowboys) vs. Dwayne Bowe (v. Raiders) -- Jennings +2
Miller (v. Chiefs) vs. Antonio Gates (v. Texans) -- Gates +4
Giants D (v. Seahawks) vs. Packers D (v. Cowboys) -- Push
Carpenter (v. Ravens) vs. Steven Gostkowski (v. Browns)-- push

Verdict: I win by ten, which should worry me, but I really like the way my roster is looking at this point in the season, and would like to make my move for the regular season crown right now.

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