Saturday, November 27, 2010

Frameshmania Week 12 Preview!

Thanksgiving weekend doesn't stop the NFL, and it doesn't stop me from pursuing fantasy glory.  Or blogging about it.  With two weeks left in the season, here's the standings:

9-2 Salt Lake City Big Tymers 
9-2 Sabotage the League 
6-4-1 Gym Tan Laundry
5-6 J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets
4-6-1 Delco's Side-arm Stud
4-7 CodyRansom's Crew
3-8 Ease it In, Don't Forsett 
3-8 Hometown Mamas

The Frameshmans all won last week, which meant that the top of the standings separated itself from the pack.  With two weeks left and a tie-breaker lead, I just need to have the same record as Sabotage the League to claim the regular season crown.  Gym Tan Laundry is in good position to keep a high seed in the playoffs, and with Mama's win last week and everyone else's loss, she can still make up ground and finish in a less-than-awful sixth place.

Week 11 saw my team put forth a very impressive effort, getting 19 or more points from 4 different players (including Greg Jennings with 33).  This was fortunate, considering Matt had Aaron Rodgers (30 points) and had his best game of the year.  Michael Vick continues to be my savior, leading my team to a 141-124 victory.

Regardless of my opponent, every game at this point in the year is important.  I play my friend Steve (CodyRansom's Crew), who is led by the combo of Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson.  His draft was rough, but he's still got some explosive players that could take me down.  Having said that, he's already got 44 points from Deion Branch, Calvin Johnson, and Brandon Pettigrew on Thursday, and I'm freaking out about it.  Here's last week's roster:

QB4 Michael Vick

RB1 Michael Turner
RB6 Arian Foster
RB3 Jamaal CharlesWR2 Greg JenningsWR6 Brandon Lloyd
TE6 Chris Cooley
D/ST Chiefs
K Mason Crosby

D/ST Browns
WR7 Pierre Garcon
TE2 Zach Miller
RB2 Cedric Benson
WR4 Mike Wallace
RB7 Ahmad Bradshaw

WR1 Andre Johnson

Roster Moves:
Dropped Chiefs D for Seahawks D

Dropped Garcon for Jason Snelling

The Chiefs got me good points last week and I intend to stream defenses against the hapless Panthers while I can, so I picked up the Seahawks for next week (as I have the Browns against them this week, fresh off a 20-point performance).  Garcon will never see the starting lineup for me, so I figured that I'd drop him for some insurance in the form of Snelling, who has done very well as an injury replacement for Turner in the past.

 Lineup changes:
Browns D (v. Panthers) in for Chiefs D (v. Seahawks)
Turner/Lloyd/Wallace (v. Packers/Rams/Bills) in for Bradshaw (v. Jaguars)
Johnson (v. Titans) in for Lloyd (v. Rams)

Browns play the Panthers this week, who are the worst against fantasy defenses this year.  Bradshaw has fumbled enough that his coach has removed him as the starter, so I can't trust him enough to play him, especially with such depth on my roster.  I'm just not sure right now whether I want to roll the dice with Michael Turner against a good defense or go with the big-play receivers in Lloyd and Wallace.  Andre Johnson appears to be mostly healthy and not facing Derrelle Revis, so he's back in the lineup.

Hoopes already has 44 points from three players that aren't Adrian Peterson or his quarterback, which worries me, but I'll have to see what happens in the early games to see if it's worth worrying about.  Let's take a look:

Vick (v. Bears) vs. Matt Ryan (v. Packers) -- push

Foster (v. Titans) vs. Adrian Peterson (v. Redskins) -- Peterson +3
Charles (v. Seahawks) vs. Keilland Williams (v. Vikings) -- Push
Turner/Lloyd/Wallace (v. whoever) vs. Deion Branch (v. Lions) -- Branch +10
Jennings (v. Falcons) vs. Calvin Johnson (v. Patriots) -- Push
Johnson (v. Titans) vs. Larry Fitzgerald (v. 49ers) -- Johnson +4
Cooley (v. Vikings) vs. Brandon Pettigrew (v. Patriots) -- Push
Browns D (v. Panthers) vs. Raiders D (v. Dolphins) -- Push
Crosby (v. Falcons) vs. Graham Gano (v. Vikings)-- push

Verdict: I lose by 9, mostly by virtue of an anomalous performance from Deion Branch.  I have to hope that Michael Vick is able to figure out the Bears defense, and that whoever I pick to play my flex position doesn't stink up the joint.

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