Thursday, December 23, 2010

Week 15, A junior who doesn't get into their first choice college is a miffed teen.

All right, all right, that was a long title, I get it.

Sorry for not doing this on Monday or Tuesday as I have been doing, but it's been a hectic end to my semester and I haven't had much time.

How about a Christmas theme?  Ooh, ooh, I know.  I'm gonna give the playoff teams in song form!  Watch this one:

On the first day of Christmas, the NFL Playoffs gave to me...
The Chicago Bears, Rex-Grossman-free.

On the second day of Christmas, the NFL Playoffs gave to me...
Two AFC North teams and the Chicago Bears, Rex-Grossman free.

On the third day of Christmas, the NFL playoffs gave to me...
Three losses for the Falcons, two AFC North teams, and the Chicago Bears, Rex-Grossman-free.

On the fourth day of Christmas, the NFL playoffs gave to me...
Four touchdowns in the fourth quarter, and the Eagles do a favor for me.

Wait a second, this is awful.  And it won't work now that I put two teams into one thing.  Hmm...

How about I reassess some of the picks I made earlier in the season?  I've been concerned before as to whether or not I would actually do that.  All right, here's a look back at my contender/pretender/sleeping giants/disappointment picks from allllll the way back in Week 7:

Seattle Seahawks (4-2 then, 2-6 since) -- Correct!  OK, so they've won two games since Week 7, but they're still tied for the lead in the division at 6-8!  I'm rooting for the Rams, but wouldn't it be great if I picked this one right?

Kansas City Chiefs (4-2 then, 5-3 since) -- Correct!  They just need to hold off the Chargers and they'll prove me right!  The Chargers have come back from a sad start to the season, but maybe they put themselves in just big enough of a hole that the Chiefs can pull this out.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2 then, 4-4 since) -- Correct!  They don't seem to have the juice at the end of the season to hold up in the Wild Card chase, mostly because they haven't beaten the good teams.

Tennessee Titans (5-2 then, 1-6 since) -- Correct!  They've had some quarterback issues, yes, but the Randy Moss signing was a dud and Chris Johnson has had some duds himself.  Turns out they could've had a legitimate shot at the division this year too.

Sleeping Giants
New Orleans Saints (4-3 then, 6-1 since) -- Correct!  Since they've gotten some of their running backs back the passing game has surged as well, and Brees has cut down on the interceptions.  Now they're in prime position to go to the second round of the playoffs after getting their bye (aka game against the NFC West champ)

San Diego Chargers (2-5 then, 6-1 since) -- Correct!  Well, they may miss the playoffs anyway, but they made a nice recovery after a strange start.  We're seeing now the team we thought we would see from the beginning, though.

Dallas Cowboys (1-5 then, 4-4 since) -- Sorta right?  So they lost their quarterback and fired their coach, and now they're winning games!  So which was the issue?  We're seeing the talent come through though.
Cincinnati Bengals (2-4 then, 1-7 since) -- Correct!  Not sure what happened here.  They just added offensive pieces and suddenly their defense is way worse and Carson Palmer can't play?  Must be a T.O. curse.

Wow, I was right on 7/8 of those!  Way to go, me!  Once the regular season is over I'll look over my predicted playoff picture from a couple weeks ago as well.

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