Friday, December 10, 2010

Frameshmania Week 14 Preview!

The playoffs are here, people!  And yours truly was able to put together a win, clinch the top seed, and acquire this trophy.  So now, here are the playoff matchups:

1. Salt Lake City Big Tymers (11-2)
8. Hometown Mamas (4-9)

4. Gym Tan Laundry (6-6-1)
5. CodyRansom's Crew (5-8)

3. JETS Jets Jets Jets (7-6)
6. Delco's Sidearm Stud (4-8-1)

2. Sabotage the League (10-3)
7. Ease it In, Don't Forsett (4-9)

Looking at the matchups this week, I see a pretty chalk result.  The top three seeds are just too good right now (and the bottom not quite on the same level), and while I think that Gym Tan Laundry will have some trouble (especially after starting Randy Moss, who got zero points on Thursday night), his roster is too strong to go out without a fight (although he seems to have quit after Frank Gore's injury).  In the league office page, I predicted a Big Tymers-Jets championship, and I think that after the Thursday games I feel a little better about that (Jets are up 30).

Here's my team's Week 13 roster:

QB4 Michael Vick
RB1 Michael Turner

RB6 Arian Foster
RB3 Jamaal Charles
WR1 Andre Johnson
WR6 Brandon Lloyd
TE6 Chris Cooley
D/ST Giants
K Mason Crosby

RB8 Jason Snelling
TE2 Zach Miller
RB2 Cedric Benson
WR4 Mike Wallace
RB7 Ahmad Bradshaw

WR2 Greg JenningsD/ST Seahawks

Roster Moves:
Dropped Seahawks D for Cardinals D

The Giants face a good matchup again this week (Vikings), so I need to look a week ahead for a defense matchup.  I don't really want to do this (again), but the Cardinals are playing the Panthers next week and might be my only reasonable option next week.

Week 13 started off fabulously on Thursday, as I led 65-5 thanks to Vick, Foster, and Johnson.  Not much of concern after that, as my final 6 guys scored 64 and Sidearm Stud's final 8 guys scored 66 as I won big, 129-71.  Sadly, I did not have the biggest margin of victory, as J-E-T-S beat Gym Tan Laundry by 79.

Lineup changes:
Jennings (v. Lions) in for Johnson (v. Ravens)

We'll see how Andre Johnson's injured ankle progresses, but Brandon Lloyd has too good of a matchup to sit and Jennings is really hot AND has a good matchup.  If Johnson looks better, he might replace Lloyd with the concern that the firing of Denver's coach may alter the Broncos' gameplan (since the interim coach was the running back's coach).  I'm also worried about Matt Cassel's appendectomy forcing the Chiefs to be one-dimensional and the Chargers to load up on the run and stop Jamaal Charles.

This week I play my mom, who has had a really rough year but with the way this league is structured she still has a shot to make a big impact on the league's outcome.  The Thursday Night game was between the Titans and Colts, but only the Titans' defense was involved for either team.  I benefited from a bounceback game by the Colts, as the Titans D got -3 points!  I think that that may get me just the little boost of confidence that allays my fears at the moment of getting knocked out in the first round.  Here's what the matchup looks like:

Vick (v. Cowboys) vs. Drew Brees (v. Rams) -- Vick +4

Foster (v. Ravens) vs. Steven Jackson (v. Saints) -- Push
Charles (v. Chargers) vs. Thomas Jones (v. Chargers) -- Charles +5
Turner (v. Panthers) vs. Anquan Boldin (v. Texans) -- Turner +6
Lloyd (v. Cardinals) vs. Jeremy Maclin (v. Cowboys) -- Push
Jennings (v. Lions) vs. Santonio Holmes (v. Dolphins) -- Jennings +5
Cooley (v. Bucs) vs. Kevin Boss (v. Vikings) -- Cooley +3
Giants D (v. Vikings) vs. Titans D (v. Colts) -- Giants +8
Crosby (v. Lions) vs. David Akers (v. Cowboys)-- push

Verdict: I win by 31.  At this point it's just the quality of my players that's going to get me through this matchup, as the individual matchups and situations aren't great.  I'm psyched for a title chase, and this is just a stepping stone for my greatness.

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