Friday, December 17, 2010

Frameshmania Week 15 Preview!

Victorious!  Another nice week for my team (although not the highest-scoring week), but a win in the playoffs is always good.  Here's how the second round of the playoffs is looking:

1. Salt Lake City Big Tymers (11-2)
8. Hometown Mamas (4-9)                            1. Big Tymers (12-2)
4. Gym Tan Laundry (6-6-1)                           5. CodyRansom (6-8)
5. CodyRansom's Crew (5-8)

3. JETS Jets Jets Jets (7-6)
6. Delco's Sidearm Stud (4-8-1)                     3. Jets Jets Jets (8-6)

2. Sabotage the League (10-3)                 2. Sabotage (11-3)
7. Ease it In, Don't Forsett (4-9)

Last week the only upset was CodyRansom's Crew over GTL, but a donut from Randy Moss and -4 from the Bears' D against the Patriots brought about Gym Tan Laundry's second consecutive sub-60-point game when he had never gone below 75 prior.  The top three seeds all won, but I had the only big win of them.  A 27-point game from Desean Jackson gave Sabotage the League the win, and JETS won despite having Aaron Rodgers sustain a concussion after just 1 point.  My predictions for the playoffs were straight chalk in the first round so I wasn't too surprised.

Here's my team's Week 14 roster:

QB4 Michael Vick
RB1 Michael Turner

RB6 Arian Foster
RB3 Jamaal Charles
WR6 Brandon Lloyd

WR2 Greg JenningsTE6 Chris Cooley
D/ST Giants
K Mason Crosby

RB8 Jason Snelling
WR1 Andre Johnson

TE2 Zach Miller
RB2 Cedric Benson
WR4 Mike Wallace
RB7 Ahmad Bradshaw

D/ST Cardinals

Roster Moves:
Dropped Giants D for Patriots D

Dropped Crosby for Josh Brown

The Giants face my Eagles this week, so it's off with their heads.  They did a nice job for me, though.  The Patriots are surprisingly the 4th best fantasy defense, and may play a Packers team that scored just 3 points against the Lions sans-Aaron-Rodgers.  As a result of this Rodgers issue, I'm picking up another kicker just to make sure I can get some points.

Week 14 was pretty sad, as Rodgers' injury (Greg Jennings), Matt Cassel's appendectomy (Jamaal Charles), and the Broncos just being terrible (Brandon Lloyd) prevented me from cashing in on a big game from Michael Turner and another nice game from Vick.  Fortunately, my mom got a combined 6 points from Thomas Jones, Anquan Boldin, Jeremy Maclin, and Mike Williams.  As such, I was able to pull away in the end, winning 94-51.

Lineup changes:
Johnson (v. Titans) in for Jennings (v. Patriots)

Miller (v. Broncos) in for Cooley (v. Cowboys)
Brown (v. Chiefs) in for Crosby (v. Patriots)
Patriots/Cardinals D (v. Packers/Panthers) in for Giants D (v. Eagles)

Johnson showed me up last week for sitting him, so I will not doubt him again.  Also, it's a rematch with Cortland Finnegan, who he pounded into submission last week.  I'm really concerned about Jennings/Lloyd this week, and Mike Wallace is playing the Jets (and maybe Revis Island), so I'm gonna see how things look on Sunday and decide between the three of them for my second receiver.  Just in case you didn't know, Rex Grossman is starting for the Redskins this week, and I will never play guys who need Grossman to survive.  If Aaron Rodgers plays, I'll put in Jennings and the Cardinals, and if not, I'll probably put in Wallace and the Patriots.

This week I play my friend Steve (CodyRansom's Crew), who had a rough start to the year thanks to some tough draft busts (Ryan Grant, Larry Fitzgerald, Shonn Greene, Brett Favre).  However, he's rebounded nicely and is hitting his stride at the right time.  The Thursday Night game was between the 49ers and Chargers, and fortunately Vernon Davis did nothing!  That means that I'm essentially playing 9-on-8, which bodes well with some tough wide receiver scenarios I'm dealing with.  Hopefully the Thursday game bodes well.  Here's what the matchup looks like:

Vick (v. Giants) vs. Matt Ryan (v. Seahawks) -- Vick +4

Foster (v. Titans) vs. Adrian Peterson (v. Bears) -- Foster +3
Charles (v. Rams) vs. Jonathan Stewart (v. Cardinals) -- Push
Turner (v. Seahawks) vs. Deion Branch (v. Packers) -- Turner +5
Lloyd/Jennings/Wallace (v. whoever) vs. Larry Fitzgerald (v. Panthers) -- Push
Johnson (v. Titans) vs. Hakeem Nicks (v. Eagles) -- Johnson +4
Miller (v. Broncos) vs. Vernon Davis (v. Chargers) -- Miller +6
Cardinals/Patriots D (v. whoever) vs. Dolphins D (v. Bills) -- Me +2
Brown (v. Chiefs) vs. Jay Feely (v. Panthers)-- push

Verdict: I win by 24.  It's all about how my second receiver does and if I can avoid his receivers having a big game like last time, when Deion Branch and Calvin Johnson had almost 40 points combined.  The big games are Falcons/Seahawks and Cardinals/Panthers (yeah, I know).

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