Sunday, January 2, 2011

The last fantasy football post of the season!

Any well-run fantasy league avoids Week 17 because of the whole resting-players thing, so the fantasy season is over!  


Sabotage the League got just 21 points from his three running backs as I got 42 from two of my backs (Jamaal Charles and Arian Foster) and the Patriots defense put up over 20, and that was all she wrote.

But enough about me.  How about the entire fantasy season in review?

Top Performers
Michael Vick-- 300 (missed almost four games)
Aaron Rodgers-- 279 (missed almost two games)
Tom Brady-- 274
Peyton Manning-- 261
Philip Rivers-- 260

Vick put up a ridiculous 27 points per game in the games he finished, which may put him near the top of the draft board next year.  The rest of the top five were all drafted in the top 7 among quarterbacks, which stands as a testament to the reliability of a top-flite quarterback.

Running Back
Arian Foster-- 282
Adrian Peterson-- 229 (missed one game)
Peyton Hillis-- 217
Darren McFadden-- 208 (missed two games)
Jamaal Charles-- 208

Arian Foster ran away with this one, as the only two games in which he had less than 15 carries were the only ones in which he had less than 10 fantasy points.  Talk about reliable.  Adrian Peterson was the only expected name on this list, and he really let people down towards the end of the season with the whole Brett Favre craziness.

Wide Receiver
Dwayne Bowe-- 194
Brandon Lloyd-- 190
Greg Jennings-- 184
Calvin Johnson-- 182
Roddy White-- 181

Yes, that's Dwayne Bowe up there.  More on him later.  Lloyd came out of nowhere in the beginning of the year and didn't slow down even for Tim Tebow.  Jennings started slow and White finished slow, but both were consistent for a lot of the year.

Tight End
Jason Witten-- 136
Antonio Gates-- 134 (missed five games)
Vernon Davis-- 114
Marcedes Lewis-- 113
Kellen Winslow-- 94

Since Jermichael Finley, Dallas Clark, and Gates were injury-plagued, it's no surprise that it took until the last week of the season for someone to pass Gates despite having missed five games.  Kellen Winslow eeked into the top five at the position despite averaging just 6 points per game.

Draft Sleeper Successes
Arian Foster-- 23rd RB drafted -> 1st in scoring
Darren McFadden-- 39th RB drafted -> 4th in scoring
Dwayne Bowe-- 22nd WR drafted -> 1st in scoring
Mike Wallace-- 26th WR drafted -> 6th in scoring
Hakeem Nicks-- 25th WR drafted -> 7th in scoring (missed two games)

Draft Busts (not including injuries)
Randy Moss-- 2nd WR drafted -> 67th in scoring
DeAngelo Williams-- 8th RB drafted -> would have been 32nd in scoring (missed 9 games)
Shonn Greene-- 12th RB drafted -> 35th in scoring
Ryan Mathews-- 13th RB drafted -> somewhere in the 30's in scoring (various injuries)
Larry Fitzgerald-- 3rd WR drafted -> 18th in scoring

A couple of these (Greene and Mathews) had to do with the other guy on the team doing well, Fitz just didn't have a quarterback, and Moss just didn't have the motivation, I guess.  Weirdest draft bust ever I think.

Best Waiver Pickups
Michael Vick (#1 QB)
Peyton Hillis (#3 RB)
Brandon Lloyd (#2 WR)
Josh Freeman (#7 QB)
Steve Johnson (#9 WR)

Top Scoring Performances
Michael Vick, Week 10-- 49 points
Darren McFadden, Week 7-- 43 points
Arian Foster, Week 1-- 41 points
Jahvid Best, Week 2-- 40 points
Kenny Britt, Week 7-- 40 points

We all know about Vick's ridiculous game, but how about that Jahvid Best game?  He scored a combined 40 points in his next SEVEN games.  And McFadden even had the kindness to put up a 38-point game too!

The "Huh?" Award
Randy Moss!  What the hell happened there?  Off a double-digit touchdown year with Tom Brady at quarterback, and you get yourself traded after a donut in Week 4?  He averaged 10 points per game prior to that, and averaged a not-terrible 7 points per game with the Vikings.  But then he somehow managed to get himself entirely removed from our consciousness with an absurd 5 points in SEVEN WEEKS with the Titans.

Honorable mention: Dwayne Bowe.  Drafted just outside the top-20 at wide receiver, Bowe disappointed his owners with just 5 points per game in his first four games.  Then he proceeded to put up  21 points per game for the next seven weeks, vaulting him to the top spot among wide-receivers.  The next three weeks, Bowe scored a total of 5 points.  What?

Projected 2011 Top-10 picks
1. Adrian Peterson
2. Chris Johnson
3. Maurice Jones-Drew
4. Ray Rice
5. Michael Vick
6. Arian Foster
7. Michael Turner
8. Aaron Rodgers
9. LeSean McCoy
10. Roddy White

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