Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And.... We're Learning to Count!

So as a child, many people of my generation were entertained by the show Sesame Street.  A prominent character on the show was The Count, a vampire who just loved to count things.  Well, as a statistics and math minor, I too love to count things.  And sports.  That too.  So let's take a look at some numbers, shall we?

One... The seed of the Falcons and Patriots going into the 2011 NFL Playoffs, whose seasons are done after losing a home playoff game in a season where the two teams went a combined 15-1.

Two... The number of Big Five teams playing in the Penn-Temple men's basketball game this evening.  Also the number of coaches in this game that recently worked for the other team (Temple head coach Fran Dunphy and Penn assistant coach Dan Leibovitz)

Three... The number of defensive linemen that Mel Kiper's most recent NFL mock draft has going in the first five overall picks: Auburn DT Nick Fairley to the Panthers at 1, Alabama DE Marcell Darius to the Bills at 3, and Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers to the Bengals at 4.  NOTE: Also the number of licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop (Source: the owl).

Four... The number of pitchers in the Phillies' starting rotation for 2011 that could be at the top of the rotation for half the teams in the league.  Also the number of no-hitters that they will throw this year.  OK that might be a stretch.

Five... The number of sets it took Roger Federer to beat Gilles Simon, who is actually ranked 34 in the world, in the second round of the Australian Open.  Yes, it's tennis.  No, I've never written about it before.  Yes, it's a sport too.

Six... The seed of the Packers and Jets going into the 2011 NFL Playoffs, who are playing in the conference championship game after winning two road games against teams that were a combined 25-7 at home this year and all but one of whom have been the top teams of the last decade (Colts, Patriots, Eagles).

Seven... The number of days until the birthdays of Vince Carter, Wayne Gretzky, and renowned Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker.  Also the number of days until my birthday.

Eight... The number of games the San Antonio Spurs have won in their last ten games.  Also the number of games their division rival, the Dallas Mavericks, have lost in that span.  Despite their aging and injury-prone backbone of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili, the Spurs have the best record in the NBA.

Nine... The AP and USA Today rankings of the UConn men's basketball team prior to defeating #7 Villanova in a nailbiter on Monday.  Kemba Walker made the game-winning shot with 2 seconds left, and 'Nova ran an inbounds play without a timeout (or a clue of what to do) and did not make the half-court prayer.  Also the number of times that 50 Cent has been shot.  Allegedly.

Ten...   The number of Jets offensive starters (plus my friend Julie) that will have their eyes on Mark Sanchez in the AFC Championship game, as his performance is possibly the most important of any single player in championship week.  Also the number of bowling pins you need to knock down at the start of a frame.  Also the number of numbers in this counting exercise.

Hope you had fun there, kiddies!  This blog entry was brought to you by the letter H!

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